‘Performance? Isn’t it jsut about being pain free?’

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People tend to start a course of treatment when they are in pain – something has gone wrong and they are very aware! However really it is the body reacting to a state where your ‘performance’ has not been up to the standards required.

With old injuries, postural strains, and time, joints in the spine stop working properly and you get areas of dysfunctional movement (dysfunction = reduced performance), which can interfere with the way nerves carry messages through the spine, to and from the body. This ‘mis-communication’ causes altered movement patterns (compensations), which over time result in stiffness, injury, and pain (reduced performance).

Chiropractors help you to reverse this cycle, whether you are in pain or not. We improve your body’s function, which will have a huge impact on your performance.

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Our Performance checklist

When we check your performance we use a bit of a formula. We need to know:

a) Where are you at with your performance right now?
b) What are your specific requirements (sport or daily task that needs improvement)
c) We then use our skill set to assess and check specific components needed for that movement or task (ligaments, muscles, joints, nerve supply) and then we check each for their:

  • Strength and integrity
  • Symmetry
  • Signalling
  • Stiffness

We repeat until we have found your ‘weakest link’ and then fix it. We then recheck that it has achieved both our and your required goal.

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We appreciate that might not mean much to you now as it is a different paradigm to normal healthcare which is ‘pain based’ or ‘pain focused’, however if you are intrigued and need to know more about how we check your performance then get in touch or book now online.