Treatment Techniques

‘The best treatment we can give is whatever will work for you best’

sports tape and activator

Our practice is broad based and therefore we use as many ‘tools in our toolkit’ which can be used for different people and different problems. We often find that in a session we will use three or four different types of treatment techniques, depending on what the issue is. This is very useful and ensures there is always the potential for further improvement along your course of treatment.

Spinal manipulation

mid back manipulation 3

After a thorough assessment of the spine and joints we can identify the areas which are not moving properly – a manipulation can be used to restore normal joint function. This is where the Chiropractor places a fingertip or soft part of the hand onto the joint, and gives a very small, but quick push in the direction needed to loosen it up. You will often hear a popping sound which is just tiny gas bubbles being released within the joint, much like when you open a bottle of champagne!

Spinal mobilisation

Some patients might not need a full manipulation (or sometimes just not like the idea of having the spine ‘cracked’), so we also get normal joint movement by using mobilisation techniques – these move the joint to loosen it up, but instead of one quick push (manipulation) it will most likely take ten to twelve gentle movements back and forth to loosen the area.

Activator technique

Another way to loosen up joints, this time utilising the activator tool – this will give a very small, but very quick ‘click’ which will gently nudges the joint in the exact direction it needs. This seems like ‘it can’t possibly do much’ – but when used on the right area of dysfunction it can have a big impact on the nervous system, and therefore on the muscles and joints.

Sacro-occipital technique

neck treatment

This technique is mainly concerned with restoring symmetry to the pelvis and re-aligning your body. After a number of muscular stretches the blocks are positioned specifically around the pelvis with you lying on your front or back and left for 2-10 minutes.

‘Non-chiropractic’ techniques

All of the above are specific techniques that Chiropractors use in their treatments. However we also are trained and can incorporate other techniques and systems into our practise depending on further courses and qualifications. Here at the clinic we also use:

  • Soft tissue techniques such as massage, myofascial release techniques
  • Instrument assisted fascial release
  • Dry needling (acupuncture)
  • Sports taping