Take our posture quiz below to see how you are doing

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Posture is so important, yet its impact is quite hidden. Rarely is it highlighted to us until something goes rather wrong and our posture changes due to pain. Occasionally some people will see that their posture is changing over a longer period of time, with rounding of the shoulders, or not being able to sit or stand up tall without ease.

At Chellaston Chiropractic Clinic we know and understand the importance of posture and integrate this into both our assessment and our treatment plans.

Your checklist for ‘postural symptoms’ you may have

Go through these 5 checks and see how many points you score

– Feeling uncomfortable when sitting up completely straight with the shoulders gently squeezed back

– Or feeling more comfortable in a slightly slouched position

– Not being able to reach arms straight up overhead vertically with the arms touching the ears

– Head or chin sticking forwards whilst standing or sitting

– One shoulder being higher than the other

How did you score? We think 3/5 postural symptoms (without pain) means you are ready for a check up. If you already have symptoms of pain or tension then you are certainly ready for a check up. See what we look for below in clinic.

Our postural checklist in we use in clinical examinations

– Symmetry from front to back: checking the curvature of the spine which could be increased in the lower back (appearing curved inwards) or in the neck (with the chin sticking in front of the shoulders)

– Symmetry from side to side: we check alignment of the shoulders, see if the head is on straight (yes this is something that can be off balance!), and check the alignment of the pelvis (does one hip appear higher or lower?).

– Stiffness of joints: tightness into specific areas of the spine, hips and shoulders will reduce your range of motion, and cause your body to be ‘pulled’ into a different position

– Strength of postural muscles: if these key muscles are weaker then they won’t have enough strength to hold your body and head in the correct alignment.

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